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So, last week we did okay with regards to the menu plan.  We didn’t completely stick to it, but that’s pretty normal.  Last Wednesday there was no curry as I didn’t feel like making one just for me.  Friday became ‘Chip Shop’ night because Hubby’s week at work had been evil and he wanted takeaway.  Do you find you stick to your weekly food plans more or less when the week gets stressful?

I’m excited about this coming week.  It’s full of visiting the Boy’s class at school, listening to him do a reading at mass, and the Summer Fayre on Friday.  In fact I’ve been asked to bake Snickerdoodles for the fayre – although I’m not entirely sure if they’ll end up on the ‘baked goods’ stall or the ‘international foods’ one.  I also will probably bake some cupcakes because I love any excuse to bake and decorate.

Our Weekly Menu Plan

Monday the 01st: Spicy Lemon Broccoli Pasta – My Way

Tuesday the 02nd: Roasted Cauliflower, Tomato & Olive Gratin from Step-by-Step -Vegetarian- Love Food

Wednesday the 03rd: Mexican Veggie Rice Bowls

Thursday the 04th: Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob, Homemade Chips & Salad

Friday the 05th: Veggie Egg Fried Rice

Saturday the 06th: Toad in a Hole with Roasted Veg

Sunday the 07th: Some Sort of Proper UK Sunday Dinner

If home-baked goods really were calorie free, what would you bake and devour this week?!?

You can find more menu plans at Orgjunkie! You can find more meal plans At Home with Mrs M!

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