Lenten Promises

All my life, I have marked the dawning of Spring with Lenten promises.  I suppose that’s what happens when you’re 1 – Catholic and 2 – Born on Ash Wednesday.  When I was younger, I always either gave things up, chocolates, sweets, soda, or I set out to do something good, keep my bedroom clean, or put away dishes without being asked.  It’s amazing how much those promises made as a youngster still influence the promises I make today.

This Lent I am abstaining from coffee and all forms of caffeinated soda.  Surprisingly it’s not the coffee I’ve found a challenge, but the soda. One trip to Costco with the boys where I ended up drinking flat orange Tango and I almost caved.  The bigger picture of course is that I regularly consume too much caffeine.  I hope that kicking the habit will improve my overall health by decreasing the number of migraines I get.  I hope that it will lessen the severity of my sometimes bitchy mood swings.

I hope that giving up coffee will help me to be a more patient parent and a more alert and dependable spouse.  It all follows in my mind, as a parent and spouse my health is directly related to my ability to interact positively with my husband and my son.

Do you make Lenten promises?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you’re doing, or not doing this Lent.

My son is giving up his favourite video game character, Kirby.  This means that he won’t be spending time playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn until Easter.  I’m hoping that we can spend some of his free time doing more crafty stuff together.  Do your children make Lenten promises?  Do you help them to form them, or do they choose them all on their own?

I think what I enjoy the most about making Lenten promises is the second chance to set goals and change for the better during the calendar year.  New year’s resolutions don’t always stick, but for some reason Lenten promises do.

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