A Return to Menu Planning

Meal Plan - Menu Plan

This week marks my return to menu planning.  I’ve been rubbish at planning meals this academic year. At the beginning of this term I posted about how important planning was going to be. Unfortunately, I failed to take my own advice. There are two weeks left of this term and It feels like I have a million things to do.

It hasn’t helped that our slow cooker died and I failed to find one that I like to purchase as a replacement.  Thankfully, Hubby’s Mother doesn’t use hers very often at all and has loaned it to use for the time being.  I’m happy to be able to chuck stuff in in the morning and have yummy warm food waiting when I return home.  Now I must rush off and return to uni work.  I promise lots of real blog posts soon!

Our Weekly Menu Plan

Monday the 26th: Slow Comfortable {Beef} Stew

Tuesday the 27th: Veggie Egg Fried Rice

Wednesday the 28th: Spicy Lemon Broccoli Pasta – My Way

Thursday the 29th: Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

Friday the 30th: Fish Fingers/Salmon Bites with Chips and Baked Beans or Peas

Saturday the 01st: Thanksgiving Dinner – Take 2

Sunday the 02nd: Ecuadorian Quinoa Vegetable Soup 

You can find more menu plans at Orgjunkie! You can find more meal plans At Home with Mrs M!

What are you serving for dinner this week that takes the edge of this wet soon to become winter-y weather?

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8 comments to A Return to Menu Planning

  • WhoopAss

    Wow, how come I’ve never seen your blog before? Loving it. Gotta love a beef stew but my eyebrows raised slightly at the Quinoa soup. I’ve tried to cook quinoa a couple of times and it’s been a bit hit and miss.It kind of reminds me of frog spawn. Love that it came from the Moosewood Cookbook though! I had forgotten all about that one. The brownies were awesome. Wonder if my sister still has it…

    • @WhoopAss I don’t know – I’m wondering how I’ve missed your blog!  Always lovely to meet another expat!  You should definitely try the Quinoa veggie soup as it’s a firm favourite in our house!  =)

  • savvysuburbanmama

    I totally need to start menu planning.  It makes life so much easier and wasteage (is that a word?) so much less.  The getting started and making it a habit is the tough part. Thanks for the links, too! 
    I’m stopping by from the Biannual Blogathon Bash ( http://www.biannualblogathonbash.com/the-blogathon/sign-up/ ) and wanted to say welcome to the event!  It’s such a fabulous weekend to motivate writing and blogging.  I know you’ve been there before and that you’ll hae an amazing time! We’ll see you in January!

    • @savvysuburbanmama It is a word – just spelled wastage!  Making planning and sticking to the plan habits is what I find to be the hardest part!  Thanks for stopping by – I’m sure I’ll see you on the Blogathon facebook group soon!

  • JJMcGlynn

    Sounds like a delicious meal plan!  I feel your pain re: slow cooker, I couldn’t be without mine!

  • JoBrigdale

    Lovely meal plan. I am only just starting meal planning too

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